Holy Week 2017

Holy Week brings us to the culmination of not only the season of Lent,
but our Christian story as a people drawn together as followers of Christ,
broken, repentant, reconciled to God in Christ and renewed by remembering his death,
proclaiming his resurrection and awaiting his coming again in glory.

Join with Christians around the world who walk with Christ through the story of this HOLY WEEK.
Enter the story, walk with Christ, and celebrate the discovery of the empty tomb
when we arrive on the other side, celebrating EASTER together.

TONIGHT:  Tenebrae @ Grace Church

A service of darkness and light: Psalms, prayers, candlelight and quietness,

Maundy Thursday @ St. John’s in the Village (224 Waverly Place – near 11th St & 7th Ave)
6:15 pm Holy Eucharist, Washing of Feet, Agape dinner, stripping of the altar, and
Vigil at the Altar of Repose
Chaplain Mary Cat preaching

Good Friday @ Grace Church
12 noon – 3 pm Jesus’ Seven Last Words, sermons, hymns and prayers

The Great Easter Vigil and Baptisms @ Grace Church
7 pm Salvation stories, Baptisms, First Eucharist of Easter

Easter Day @ Grace Church
6 pm Holy Eucharist and Festive dinner out with Canterbury Downtown


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