Reflecting love

During the season of Lent student voices will populate this blog daily with an invitation to you to pray together.


 Sometimes preparing my heart can be the most crucial aspect of my prayer. If I’m not focused in prayer, the words are just word because I’m not thinking about what I’m saying.

This is a quick prayer and is not something that I have written as a reference, but is one I like to say when things are going well or when I am worried. It always starts with “Dear Heavenly Father” as a reminder that it is only because He is my Father that I can go to Him in prayer and it always ends in “In Jesus’s name I pray” as a reminder that it is only through Jesus that I am in the family.

Please feel free to add to it to make it more personal. I usually pray away from others or facing a wall with my hands clasped and head bowed so that I may focus, but it’s the content of this prayer, so whichever way if most comfortable for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day, for the strength and for the patience you’ve given me to get through it. Thank you for the beauty around me, which is your creation. I am undeserving of what you have given me, but I rejoice in knowing that it is from You because of Your love for me.

I ask that you be with those who are in pain, who are suffering. I lift up their voices and needs to you, may you bless them as you bless me. Please, be with them and strengthen them.

I ask that you strengthen my faith, strengthen my will, and send me into the world as a representation of Your love. May the acts I do today and all days reflect Your love.

 In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


Member of the Multifaith Advisory Council

College of Arts and Science Class of 2018

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