Poetic Advent

An invitation to acts of creativity in the season of Advent from The Rev. Bowie Snodgrass. Read here about her own creative engagement with the Advent season through poetry reading and writing.

Advent Conspiracy

Thoughts from Advent Conspiracy Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All Here in America we live in the most affluent period in all of history, yet much of the world still remains in abject poverty (meaning they don’t have clean water, food or medicine). So what might we do as Christ followers? As a…

Quench: Bishop Mary Glasspool to speak at NYU LGBTQ Center

Our newest Assisting Bishop in the Diocese of New York will be a guest speaker at the LGBTQ Center for a Quench lunch on Tuesday, December 6!  Join us! Non-NYU students who would like to attend, please contact Chaplain Mary Cat or another NYU student to be signed in as a guest.

St. Nicholas Party Tonight!

Tonight! Saturday, December 3, 2016, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Young Adults active in congregations around NYC gather each year for a festive evening of social engagement and generosity. In the spirit of St. Nick we ask for cash donations at the door at any level that will go to directly post-hurricane Matthew recovery and rebuilding work in…

F this S Advent Devotional

Harsh language warning.  Harsh reality. It’s a tough world, and it has been a tough year.  This Advent Devotional does not pull any punches, including holding back on language that expresses, truly, how they are feeling. From the author, “As this devotion starts, I am weary, wanting now to keep that anger and rage at…

Risk stopping mid-stride

I read an amazing story this week about two young women, running in a race.  The race had meaning.  It was the last race of the season, the last chance to qualify for the state level competition.  The last race of a senior in high school with her team and her legacy on the line….