Engage with your faith and the arts with Interfaith Live: Water

Create. Share. Reflect.


These are the primary goals of the upcoming performance art festival that will take place on campuses across the country April 17-18, 2013, called InterFaith Live.

Looking at the theme, WATER, through the lens of your faith life, what do you think of? What stories do you remember? What images come to mind? What memories do you and your community share? How might you utilize the performing arts: music/song, dance, theater, process, create, share, reflect on these thoughts? How might the performing arts better help you understand your faith, and how might your faith story help you better perform?

Consider the gifts you or friends have, consider submitting a proposal, consider being a part of this unique opportunity to reflect on a topic using the performing arts, through your faith lens within the context of our diverse community.

Click the colorful box above to learn more about

InterFaith Live!


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