I’m going on a Pilgrimage. A what? A Pilgrimage. Oh, a Pilgrimage!

Do you recognize the sing-song of this childhood circle game?  A conversation back and forth between two people, that continues with what each person is bringing with them on the journey set forth before them.

Yesterday, John Bethell, a second year (“middler”) student at the General Theological Seminary, left NYC and flew to the a mountaintop in Quito, Ecuador.  He will be there for the next three days with companions from his home diocese, (Upper South Carolina), connecting, communicating and visioning an invitation to our Canterbury communities a pilgrimage – a spiritual journey intended to draw us near to the heart of God, and to draw God’s heart, hope and response through us into the lives of others.

I ask your prayers for Johnny, for our Canterbury communities, for the people of Ecuador, for clarity of vision, for understanding of what we will bring to this Pilgrimage.

Upon his return, there will be more conversation about where we are going, and what our work (spiritual and otherwise) will be when we return there together, January 2013.

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