General Convention, prayers and preparation

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church (GC) takes place every three years, gathering elected lay and clergy representatives from every diocese, clergy, the House of Bishops, and huge numbers of spectators and exhibitors interested in being present and being a part of conversations taking place in our Church body on a larger than national scale.  (The Episcopal Church exists not only in the United States, but in 10 other jurisdictions.)

In the last week materials for GC ’12 have been released, including a draft triennium (3 year) budget, and materials to be considered for blessing same-gender relationships.  In the coming months, deputies, advocates, bishops, priests, youth, college students, congregations and communities will be considering these resources, writing proposals for legislation, and praying for the presence and persistence of the Holy Spirit to be at work in the resolutions and actions that will be put forth at this gathering.

I invite your prayers to be a part of this work.  I invite you to join in the conversation – review the materials, reflect on what the proposals mean for you, your community, the Church at large, the world in which we are present, and seek to be good news, Gospel bearers in.

I invite you to consider being present with me and other young adults from around the Church this summer.

Read, reflect, pray, prepare.

What is the Episcopal Church to you? Who are We going to be, do, and live out in the world?  Some of that will be influenced by this gathering.  Take your role as a prophetic witness seriously, and be a part of the conversation, and community — the Church, the Body of Christ.

General Convention:

Conversations and feedback about the budget:

Thoughts on campus ministry and the budget, a chaplain’s blog post:

Young Adult Festival at General Convention:  Contact Mary Cat Young to learn more about registering with the Diocese of NY.

Faith Formation discussion in preparation for GC ’12:

Resources for same-gender blessings:

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