Lent with Canterbury Downtown 2012

40 days.

What will you do with the 40 days of Lent?

In the Book of Common Prayer service for Ash Wednesday we are bid to the observance of a Holy Lent, one that is characterized by “self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God’s holy Word.”

Looking inward, reflecting on your journey in life up to this point, what decisions, anxieties, missteps have you made that you have not already repented and been forgiven for?  What roadblocks do you still bump up against as you attempt to move forward?  The season of Lent is an opportunity to face the past, reflect on what you have learned, and turn around and move forward toward a better you, toward a God who loves you, despite the mistakes of the past.

The invitation to prayer, fasting and study of scripture are pathways to being intentional about being present to God in the midst of a world that is so full of distractions.  How will you use these 40 days to be intentional about seeing, seeking and being found by God?

As you consider your Lenten discipline, consider who you are, and how you need to be.  Where do you need to be more present to your commitments?  What do you need to let pass away that is taking up space in your heart, your mind, your life, so that your attention may be more fully paid to places that need you, places where God would have you take part in God’s work around you?

One of my commitments to myself, to you and to God this Lenten season, is to be active in communication on a daily basis inviting you and reminding you of opportunities on these 40 days to be in Lent together.  Each day I will offer a reflection, point to a resource, invite you to a gathering, be a companion.  Join me on the journey by visiting this site each day, or setting it up to send you an email of the post for the day.  Walk with me, as we make our way together, circling in closer and closer to the center, closer in to the heart of God.  Amen.  Blessed Ash Wednesday.


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